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Vw front beams

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We're a staff of VW enthusiasts who are passionate about our hobby. We are committed to offering the best parts at the lowest prices, and we pride ourselves on fast, affordable shipping. We started out in as Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration and quickly became the world's largest supplier of restoration parts and accessories for Karmann Ghias.

We list nearly 10, part numbers. We manufacture close to reproduction parts. When you buy a part we manufacture, that part is guaranteed for life limited to replacement of part only. If any part ever fails due to materials or design defect, we will replace it free of charge, for the life of your vehicle. Your orders are archived in your account, so you will always be able to go back and retrieve a receipt.

If there is anything you'd like to see us carry or do differently, please email the owner directly Scott airheadparts. Bug - Sedan ,,, Ghia - Convertible ,, We pride ourselves on fast, affordable shipping. Orders in the Continental U. Destinations outside the Continental U. You may return a part not listed above for any reason as long as the parts have not been altered by installation, customization, or misuse.

Parts must be returned in the exact condition they left. Clearly print the RMA on the outside of the package. Packages with no RMA will be refused.

Damaged-in-transit or missing item claims must be initiated within 2 days of receipt of goods. FedEx will deny any claims made after the deadline.Original Rebuilt. Spindle to Spindle. Fits Type 1 Volkswagens Repairs both left and right spindles.

These are fully assembled remanufactured front beam assemblies. All components have been completely inspected and replaced or reconditioned as needed. Non-adjustable means your car will be the stock height after installing this axle beam.

See item page for more details. Does not fit Superbeetles. These are fully assembled Brazilian remanufactured front beam assemblies. Adjustable axle beam means that you can either maintain stock vehicle height, or lower the vehicle up to two inches. Aluminum caster shims correct and improve front end geometry on your lowered Volkswagen. Use longer bolts, EMPIfor proper thread grip at pan head.

These are the bolts that hold the axle beam to pan. They are longer to allow for the caster shims; but they can still be used to replace a stock bolt.

Vw Off-road Axle Beams & Accessories

Work well with EMPI caster shims. All Rights Reserved. Shipped how you want it! View Larger Image.

vw front beams

Does not fit Super Beetle. Includes both tie rod ends.Shop Now. Tucson, AZ Chirco Performance offers a wide selection of Sand Rail aluminum front ends and steel front axle beams and assembliesbelow you will see our standard light weight aluminum Sand Rail front axle beams without shock towers as well as with shock towers, you will also find our Dune Buggy and Sand Rail standard with as well as widened long travel front axle beams.

Not only do we offer standard leaf spring style widened offer Sand Rail Buggy front axle beams but we also carry a large selection of coil over off-road Dune Buggy front axle beams as well as leave spring sets and through rods.

Chirco Reviews. See all reviews Write a review. Al Smith. Have purchased thousands of dollars of engine parts, brake parts, transaxle assembles and front end assembles. Great place to purchase your VW components. All of my parts were right on point. Were shipped to my to my delivery point. Can't go wrong with this business!!! Derrick Ian. They have always had exactly what I have needed from my Baja, to my super, always willing to give advice, the staff knows their stuff, and they have a large stockpile of parts, the only place I get my VW parts.

James Horner. Awesome place! They have everything for the old school VW! Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! David Taylor. These guys really know their stuff. Joe is very understanding and so are all of his staff. Highly recommended for anything to do with VW Bug parts! John Konieczny.

Awesome service have all the parts you need.

Dune Buggy Axle Beams

Jessika McCoy. They are so friendly and knowledgeable at Chirco! Definitely recommend for anyone who needs parts and great service. Scott Woodburn. These guys were great.

Aluminum Front Beams

Frank took almost two hours find the right parts I needed. Will definitely be going back for more parts and expertise. These guys are great and very helpful!

Prices are fair and parts are quality. The best place to get your VW repaired. Logn Carter.Fits the following:. Toggle navigation If the vehicle has been in an accident, it is possible that minimal massaging will be needed to install. PRObuilt Beam versus assembling one yourself Let's go back 7 years ago, the PRO's decided that now was a time to give what many had been asking for. For those of you that have attempted, succeeded or failed to do this, we understand. You can look at a Chilton or Haynes manual for days.

You can scour the forums and ask anyone who will listen, how to do this or that. That takes time. You also have to question whom you are getting that information from and is it specifically applicable to what you are doing. You will purchase tools that you will use once, you will have many emails, phone calls and drive many miles to get each part that you thought you did not need. This was many of us, the first time. The PRO's have listened.

The brackets through out the beam are CNC laser cut to exact dimensions that will give you the best fit, finish and versatility. To date, Airkewld has made 18, beams that follow this protocol. Once the UB has had a bath in Satin Black powder coat, it is thoroughly cleaned and assembled, lubing all moving parts for ease in adjustment.

The delrin bushings are pressed in sandwiching the sexy UB emblems to the side plates. The PRO's have created a jig to properly mark, align and machine factory style grub screw indentions and trim them with a liquid cool band saw.

With some models, the ends of the torsions are painted red to allow a bit of detail when viewing the beam through the control arms, that now feature an Airkewld star capped onto the ends. A beautiful touch. We test fit the arms into the beam, lubing both the bearing surfaces and the delrin bushing itself.

The PRO's have created a tool to make sure the feel is consistent every time and that the arm can articulate as it was intended. We create the perfect feel by polishing the bearing surface of the arm until it meets our intended feel.

For Ball Joint models, the newly pressed in German ball joints are also broken in to give the perfect feel and steering wheel cycling to center. They can even install your drop spindles from your current disc brake kit at a discount. The PRO's expertly build them with only the best parts in the industry to ensure you will be WoWed with the fit, finish and detail. Later model applications use an imported set of spindles that are expertly coated in Satin Black powder coat, with a set of lowered camber eccentrics, to give you the best versatility in adjustment.

The PRO's take this very seriously. The PRO's use German tie rod ends in our brand new tie rods. Threads are lubed making adjustments easy. Installing a premium steering dampener on every beam we offer, gives you the perfect feel in which some have never even felt before. The entire PRObuilt Beam uses stainless steel or cadmium plated hardware and is used with anti-sieze and Loctite where needed. Control arm to bushings cavities are pre-filled with grease, king pins and link pins are lubed, aligned and ready to cycle.

The adjustments of lifting and lowering the front end are easy, fluid and precise.

But what about ride quality? Aaaaahhhh, yes.We offer link pin beams for use with torsion leaves or with coilover shocks. Wider than stock beams come with shock towers or without shock towers for those that prefer to fabricate their own shock mounts. Torsion beams come with adjusters for the torsion leaves. We also offer stock width and wider than stock leaves as well as through rods for the wider beams. To mount your beam to your buggy we have beam clamps and brackets, caster shims and bolts.

For the light weight sand buggies we have aluminum beams with or without shock towers. Your terms may vary and are subject to credit approval.

Link Pin Torsion Leaves are available in stock and 6" wider with standard and heavy duty spring rate. VW Grub Screw Nut. Dune Buggies and Off Road Buggys with coilover suspension use beams with thru rods instead of torsion leaves. Thru Rods are used to hold the Trailing Arms on instead of torsion leaves when running coil overs shocks. Through Rod Clamps, Set of 4. Buildling a buggy from scratch or just refreshing your Baja Bug front suspension? We have most all the hardware you will need!

Beam Mounting Brackets, Pair. VW Caster Shim Bolt. VW Caster Shims, Pair. Aluminum Beams are perfect for great looks on light weight sand rails and off road buggies and come with or without shock towers. All rights reserved.

vw front beams

All images protected by US and International copyright laws. No part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. All Prices subject to change without notice or obligation. Not responsible for typographical or photo errors. Continue Shopping.Browse by Category The overall weight and construction of a German beam is vastly superior. We rebuild German beams to stock specifications or add weld in adjusters to raise or lower your car.

Weld in adjuster allow 3 inches of adjustment, up or down. All beams have be sand blasted, straightened and reassemble with new ball joints and grease seals. We apply a new coat of black paint to protect your beam for corrosion purposes only.

There are superficial scratches or grinding marks from manufacturing and in no way affect the integrity of the beam after all, it is a 40 year old German beam. You are responsible for repainting or sanding if you are trying to build something for a show car. Half way up and half way down. If you choose the standard adjustable lowered beam with dropped spindles, your car will be on the ground and have no adjustment up.

vw front beams

Other options include standard drum or disc brake spindles or lowered and raised spindles for specific applications. If you are questioning whether your front ball joint spindles are early or late, there is an easy way to check.

Most replacement ball joint disc brake and ball joint dropped spindles are made for late model tie rod ends with 19mm nuts.

Late model spindles mid through are made with a larger diameter stub and use wheel bearings and grease seals with a larger inside diameter. There is no accommodation for backing plates when dropped spindle disc brakes are used. If you purchase a front disc brake kit, choose no spindles in the drop down menu and we will install the spindles from the kit. If you need a front disc brake kit and want the spindles installed on your beam, click here and choose your disc brake kit.

Choose your ball joint beam. Choose your ball joint spindle. Choose your tie rods. Choose your steering damper. Choose your steering box. Related Products Stock and 2 inch narrowed ball joint front end beams for VW Volkswagen. Rear wheel cylinders.Excellent front shock for lowered Ball Joint Type 1s!

Excellent front shock for lowered Link Pin Type 1s! This product is a simple installation that simply that ties the front strut towers together it triangulates themgiving your Super Beetle a tighter, more rigid front suspension by dramatically reducing chassis deflection. Made in USA! This strut tower brace is a new product for strengthening the Super Beetle's weak front end structure. Plasma cut steel side plates are fixture drilled for perfect fit. The crossmember is T6 heavy wall aluminum for maximum strength.

Spacer washers and all hardware are supplied to fit the bar to your chassis perfectly. We recommend that this bar be installed with our urethane lower control arm bushings for best results. However, it will add a feeling of stability and quietness over rough roads and turns that you can feel!

vw front beams

Tapered design gives more clearance for wider wheels and tires. Progressive spring rate prevents bottoming, while actually providing a slight lowering too! This shock re-uses your front mounting kit, or you can buy our EC.

Another alternative is to get the EUS shock, which includes the upper mounting kit. This shock includes the upper mounting kit. Though it is not "original" in appearance, it functions great!

You need 2 of these to do one car. You must make sure the tie rod ends do not have any play in them they should merely allow a pivot. Play can wear out tires and cause a front end shake. Net, Inc All rights reserved. Net, Inc. The use of VW, Volkswagen and any model names and numbers is for the sole purpose of description of parts application. The use of these terms in no way denotes or infers a direct or indirect connection between Aircooled.

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Net Inc. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation or tech question is complicated. If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL. More Subcategories:. Bus, Superbeetle, Type 3.