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How to turn into a wolf in real life

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They grunt, claw, and feel their body is covered with hair and their nails are elongated — some people strongly believe they are in the process of metamorphosis into a wolf. There have been 13 case reports of such people sinceone psychiatrist has found.

Intrigued by treating a patient who thought he was a werewolfDr. Jan Dirk Blom, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, mined the archives of psychiatry to find out just how common the condition is. Blom found that sincethere have been 56 original case descriptions of people who believed they were metamorphosing into an animal.

The adjective 'clinical' is used to emphasize that the condition doesn't mean actual lycanthropy, or the ability to metamorphose physically into a wolf, Blom said. The remaining cases were variants of the condition, with patients having delusional convictions about being a dog, a boa snake, a frog or a bee, according to the study published in the March issue of the journal History of Psychiatry.

But such a low number of clinical lycanthropy cases reported in over years suggests the condition may be even rarer than previously thought, Blom said.

Doctors "should take heed not to cry wolf too often. The idea of shape-shifting humans has been around since ancient times and remains an evocative theme even today.

But less attention has been given to clinical lycanthropy, a condition that, although rare, does occur. The condition is generally thought to be an unusual expression of another disorder, such as schizophreniabipolar disorder or severe depression. Indeed, in reviewing all 56 cases of delusional metamorphosis into animal, Blom found that 25 percent of the patients were diagnosed with schizophrenia, 23 percent with psychotic depression and about 20 percent with bipolar disorder.

Among the patients, 34 were men and 22 were women, and their symptoms lasted anywhere from a single hour to decades.

The first case report on clinical lycanthropy was published inand described a man admitted to an asylum in Nancy, France, who was convinced that he had turned into a wolf. He said that he only wanted to eat raw meat, but when it was given to him, he refused it because it was not rotten enough.

Other patients in the reports had similar delusions about changes in their appearance. One saw the head of a wolf when looking at himself in the mirror; another was convinced the bones in her body had been replaced by a pig's, and one felt claws growing in her feet. Although for millennia, explanations for lycanthropy were metaphysicaleventually, modern science raised the idea that brain diseases cause the condition. Over the past decade, various brain imaging studies have pointed to specific brain areas that appear to be essential for creating the sense of physical existence, and perceiving our body schema, Blom said.

These brain regions include areas of the brain's cortex outer layer that are responsible for movement and sensation.

In the cases Blom reviewed, patients perceived changes in their own physical appearance. For example, some thought their mouths and teeth had changed shape, or their chests had broadened; some experienced their bodies shrinking, and some felt burning sensations in the belly and thighs.

It is possible that in some patients these delusions originated from problems in related brain regionswhich profoundly changed the individuals' sense of physical identity, Blom said. Now a forgotten diagnosis, this problem was called coenaesthesiopathy, by French neurologists in Still, because clinical lycanthropy tends to occur along with another major psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, psychotic depression or bipolar disorder, the best practice would be to treat that underlying disorder, he said.

Email Bahar Gholipour. Original article on Live Science. Live Science. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.If you really, really want to become a werewolf, this is something you might want to try. Usually I provide a general disclaimer here about how it may be dangerous, the chances of it working are low, proceed with caution, yada yada yada. But this one is actually pretty harmless so go ahead and give it a shot and let us know how you make out!

First, get a mirror and wait until the sun goes down. Then turn on an artificial light that is just bright enough that you can see yourself. Focus on yourself, on all the small little details. But do not, and I repeat, do not focus on becoming a werewolf at this time. Just focus on yourself and accepting yourself and just being you. Focus on the you in the human form, and allow yourself to genuinely like the human you.

Repeat this for at least 3 days, preferably 5, and even more if you feel as though you need to. Try to do it on the same time each day. This part allows you to be positive and accepting, and this creates energies that might make it possible for transformation. Picture as much as you can about the wolf you as possible. Keep doing this for at least one week, preferably two, and more until you can feel the fur, see the claws, etc.

I keep having this dreamin the dream. I am laying down on my bed and I say the spell. By the light of the moon and our peircing howls.

How To Shapeshift - A Native American Technique For Transformation

We are further transformed into cunning beasts. Form the cyrcle of life to the evoluton of man I shall be reawkend as one with the land. I keep having this dream I think my iner wolf is trying to talk to me I am not a werewolf.

There is this book, well books. I have failed to read forever yet but I have shiver and linger. BTW All I dream about is being a wolf. I would never EVER want to change back.

how to turn into a wolf in real life

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how to turn into a wolf in real life

This type of magic will also make you hairy and will only work on a full moon. The rest of the time you will be normal and no one will know your secret unless you tell them. Do not hesitate to embrace this opportunity since good things come once in a lifetime. You never know this is your time so we implore you to ceases it immediately and you must never regret.

A werewolf is something that so many people want to become. You are so lucky. Do not think twice. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Submit Message. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.One warm autumn afternoon, I sat by a river that flowed through the mountains of New Mexico with my friend and teacher, Dancing Feather.

As we watched the meandering waters, he casually mentioned that sometimes he became a fox. He said his father and his grandfather could do it, too. He looked at me and was quiet for a long time.

I was taken aback. I knew that Dancing Feather always told the truth, yet my Western upbringing made me uncertain that one could actually turn into a fox. So many questions filled me. What actually happens during a shape-shifting experience? Why have so many people from the earliest times believed that a person could change shape? And what is the value of such a metamorphosis?

Top 11 Ways Of Becoming A Vampire In Real Life

There are many theories about shape-shifting. We share this primitive core with other species, such as the ape and the prairie dog. Carl Jung postulated that there was a collective unconscious shared by all humans, a repository of all wisdom contained in archetypal images that also could explain shape-shifting. In Western thinking, we believe that the reality we normally experience is the only reality.

However, there are a multitude of equally real, equally viable realities surrounding us. There is everyday value in employing these techniques, whether they are journeys in your imagination or you indeed enter into other realms.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a sparrow or even through the experience of a pebble will expand your boundaries, and this in turn allows you a wider worldview. When humans become myopic and can only see the world through the limited perspective of their own experience, they fall prey to prejudices and judgments, which can be as damaging to them as well as to the universe around them.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to become deeply relaxed. As a suggestion, have a friend drum a very steady, continuous beat.

This is a traditional method to shape-shift. Or play music designed for relaxation, which can help you enter into an altered state of consciousness. Imagine that your body is metamorphosing into another form. It can be anything you choose. Take time to experience fully how that other being feels. With your eyes closed, allow your body to move subtly, almost unperceptively while feeling yourself changing into another shape. Involve all your senses. Imagine what you would smell, taste, hear, and feel.Before you figure out how to become a werewolf you should first make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

Modern popular fiction has confused the issue quite a bit by altering the definition of what a werewolf really is. If you haven't already, it would be wise to read the descriptions of the different creatures we call werewolves on the main Werewolf page.

I'll give a quick recap. What many people today think of as a "werewolf" is actually a "shapeshifter". Some shapeshifters turn exclusively into wolves from human form, but these are not actual werewolves. These shapeshifter-wolves have become popularly known as "werewolves" because of the Twilight book series. If it's this kind of creature you want to become, I'm afraid you are probably out of luck. Most shapeshifters wolves included are born that way genetically.

You either have it or you don't, and most of us don't.

how to turn into a wolf in real life

A bite from a shapeshifter won't make you a shapeshifter, it will just be a bite. There is a single exception, though. Navajo mythology discusses a being known as a "Skinwalker", who in most cases is a human who has learned how to magically transform themself into an animal by wearing the animal's skin. Skinwalkers are typically considered to be evil, and becoming one takes a great deal of sacrifice and a deep knowledge of ancient mystical arts.

Real werewolfism is a curse. Those afflicted have little to no control over their actions when in wolf form and little to no control over their transformations. Of course, there is an exception to this rule as well in rare cases of Human Werewolf Syndromewherein werewolves in wolf form maintain their human consciousness. This rare condition is believed, though, to only occur in cases where a werewolf child is born to werewolf parents. If you still want to know how to become a werewolf, you can read about how to do so herebut I would advise thinking long and hard about the decision before doing so.

All Rights Reserved. How To Become A Werewolf An Introduction to Werewolfism Before you figure out how to become a werewolf you should first make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.If you are planning to become a werewolf in real life, you should first understand what this is all about. This is possible only if your parents are werewolves. If you want to become a werewolf, your parents should have werewolf genetics.

Another way to become a werewolf is to be bitten by a werewolf. The third is to be cursed. Genetic Lycanthropy is the term used for parents who are born with the werewolf genes. The transformation takes place sometimes after puberty and a person changes into a man beast before attaining the form of a wolf.

If a person is bitten by a werewolf they can still be converted to werewolves. They carry bacteria in their saliva which can enter the blood stream of a human and make them werewolves. Many people like the idea of acting like werewolves.

Here are a few tips on learning how to behave like one. And eyes color sometimes is red and sometimes is dark brown black …. Tip: If you really want to be a werewolf, sit outside one night with the wind blowing and the moon full, and let every feeling you have burst to the surface. I want to become a werewolf!

how to turn into a wolf in real life

Mostly so I can scare the living crap out of my brother… Its gonna be soooooo funny when I do!!! But idk if that will turn me literally into a werewolf. It just gives you the personality and fashion of one. It doesnt really literally change you… unless you have parents who are werewolves, you have been bitten by a werewolf and it bleeds, drank water out of the footprint of a wolf, or been scratched by a werewolf that makes you bleed. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Werewolves are aggressive and restless creatures. They are powerful and move stealthily. To become one you should learn to be on the move constantly.

Prowl around and move powerfully. In order to do this you will have to exercise and stay in shape. Study the behavior of wolves. You can find information on the internet. Wolves make growling noises when they are disturbed.A werewolf is a human who has the ability to turn into a wolf-like beast.

Though it is once though you must either be bitten by a werewolf or have a placed with said curse placed on your in order to become a werewolf many other ways are also effective. As a man, after stripping of your human attire, you place either a wolfskin belt or the entire animals hide. Another method is to apply a cursed ointment to the skin. It is said too that a man who drinks from a specific magical river or even out of a single footprint of a werewolf may himself become this beast.

Other avenues include guzzling a specially made beer followed by imitating a set formula, being born of a specific date of the year and the simple fact of being born of both a werewolf mother and father. It is well known that the transformation from human to beast happens only under appearance of the full moon and is most often following a period of anxiety and discomfort or restlessness.

After this initial phase, you begin to jerk violently and your muscles contract erratically during the actual transformation process. You will then be drawn to the nearest darkly forested area. If you succeed in this transformation you will be granted superior senses and strength to both human and wolf.

You must be leery of humans who know your true self, since there are ways a human can tell if you are indeed a lycanthrope, or werewolf. If a human comes at you with a knife, flee, for if you are cut with said weapon, your thick coat of hair will be exposed, therefore, shedding light on your true image. It is also known that you have bristles under your tongue, so it is imperative that you keep this sight from all humans.

Though you appear invincible, this is not so. Your one weakness is to be shot with a pure silver bullet. This action would surely end your life. Even though im 11 im a werewolf and justfor advice i wouldent recommend it because there are loads of this you have to give up. How i became one is that my ansester was a werewolf and i got bite by a wolf so yeah the transformation comes somplete when i turn 16 im 11 it happened early and i can change when ever i want to.

I wish I was werewolf really bad I which I could run fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just for everyone to know, when your sole spirit and physical engagement into this kind of stuff happens, you might start to imagine homicidal and genocidal thoughts.

This wuold be a part of something you need to get under control.