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Best vintage ads

29.10.2020 By Volmaran

Things were different in the s. It was another time—one of questionable political incorrectness, a lack of hyperlinks that ended the conversation right then and there, and a bizarre sense of design. They played it fast and they played it loose. This excellence in s style print advertising ended with the rise of better photography and reproduction when ads became more photo-based but for that brief time, there were some pretty incredible creations that are a blast to look back on. Let's roll it back.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He had a brief stint in the '80s, back in Follow him on Twitter ewolffmann. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Converse All Stars. Chuck Norris Action Jeans. Back to the Future Battery-Powered Car. Apple Computer. Casio Synth. Fuji Team Fuji. Pregnancy Tests. WWF Nintendo.

Star Wars : The Arcade Game. Sony Super Walkman.

17 Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Ads

Casio CZ Fisher Price Sportcar. Tempest Marine. Clement Bike Tires. Vectrex Graphic Computer System. Honeywell Email.On a dark Sunday evening, three Cold War women kidnap the Colonel during his evening stroll, throw him into a dark van, and drive him….

Watch It! Featured Selection. On a dark Sunday evening, three Cold War women kidnap the Colonel during his evening stroll, throw him into a dark van, and drive him… Read More. Viewer Favorites. October 21, October 8, October 28, Classic Jingle. October 1, December 17, October 29, First Barbie Doll Commercial from November 21, Coca Cola is Great for Weight Loss! October 27, September 30, Lucky Strike Cigarette Square Dance. March 10, Dorothy Gray — Radioactive Cold Cream. November 16, Cereal — Cheerios Kid.

November 14, Cereal — Cheerios and V8 for Healthy Breakfast. November 13, Soda — King Size Coca Cola. Barbie — Introducing Ken. November 19, December 1, Taco Bell TV Commerical. Friskies — Little Friskies. Bubble Cleans Dirty Bert. Folgers Coffee — Merry Christmas. November 27, Milk — It does a Body Good. September 9, October 31, October 24, So, how did you get into vintage watch ads?

Welcome to Advertisement Gallery!

As far as getting into vintage ads … I only began to hunt collect them a couple of years ago. I never set out with the intention to sell them. At first, I was drawn to the challenge of finding them, especially iconic ads for coveted, big sport models. It was and still is a thrilling feeling to discover a magazine issue with a legendary ad inside. We all agree that collecting actual vintage watches has become harder and harder and more and more expensive.

For me, finding an old, rare ad is as gratifying as coming across an original-owner watch. It took a lot of convincing from my closest friends in the watch community to launch Ad Patina.

Watch ads were a big part of me getting hooked on watches. What makes a great watch advertisement? Just like we all have favourite watches for various reasonsthe same is true for ads. I will say there are some ads whose greatness cannot be denied. I think everyone agrees the Royal Oak and Nautilus ads are pretty special, right?

They really have it all: incredible detail of the watches in the case of the Nautilus ad, beautiful artwork rendering and overall they possess a certain charm and innocence. Also, s ads in colour really stand out. Is there a golden age of watch advertising? Let me say, there are killer ads from all decades.

How do you source ads? Any tricks of the trade you can share? Good try, Felix! But the secret recipe is staying under lock and key.

Finally, pricing. What are we looking at for a vintage watch ad? Personally, this is the most beautiful watch ad ever. One day, when I get around to framing an ad for myself, this will be the first I frame up. It really needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Basically, tough watches you can count on. This ad is truly Pre-Moon see guy in sports car, not in a spaceship.

Within a decade it became the go-to watch for astronauts. Ads like this give me the chills. The watch was such a departure in design from what people were used to. The ad is great, not only because you get not one but two images of the Ref. Simply a stunner to behold.

But when this ad came out, people needed to be sold on it. After all, it was a steel watch that cost as much if not more than a solid gold watch.

Everyone wants one today, but it took a discerning individual to purchase one 40 years ago. Most were published in very obscure industry journals. When I set out to find old Rolex ads, this was my grail. Scoring this ad was an incredible feeling and played a big part in my unearthing more ads. Goes to show you what model was popular back then … my, have times changed.First of all. Email required Comment required Submit.

I like it a lot. I like the old ads. I wish that you can provide information on which magazine and issue you got a particular ad from in case that I want to get a copy of an ad. Thank you. In your kitchen saves all this work, No more between-meal dishwashing, glasses to be dried and put…. We own the physical page of each Advertisement that we archive. The images are not offered or intended for commercial reproduction. Welcome to Advertisement Gallery!

All beautifully archived. About Us. First of all, Read More…. Ad Categories. Read More…. Subscribe to Stay In Touch! Email required. Comment required. Like this: Like Loading November 23, Read More. Racine Boat Plant Ad If you want a boat or engine of any kind we offer you, without cost, 25 years experience and all the…. Fargo Cycle Shoe Ad C. Sold Everywhere. All Widths -…. Cheers for Mackeson's Imported English Stout, rich and….

We Want Your Old Magazines! Contact Us. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Search Site. Search Posts.It had an incredible typography and layout which attracted the attention of everybody. These appealing vintage retro advertisements have come back to place recently with its nostalgic and historical value.

best vintage ads

Most of the artists or the advertising people like to use the vintage classic items sine it is a form of antique advertising. Now-a-days, the advertisements that were since the post civil war are popping up again with the latest trend. The people are using these vintage advertisements for business as well as for decorations. An artist who does the crafting is mainly attracted towards the vintage advertisements since it is a perfect size for use.

It can be used in postersart, card making and in professional collages. The vintage advertisements are really unique since they are created with a piece of art. Usually, in order to get the retro feel, the original prints of the vintage ads have a faint discoloration.

With its historical importance, usually, cars, food and alcohol are very popular and appeal the major group of people. The vintage ads are excellent collectibles and with its decorative form of art, it attracts numerous people. The veteran and the collections of military memorabilia usually acknowledge the war time ads. The vintage tuck and the car ads generally attract the car enthusiasts.

Each of the vintage ad is a unique and an interesting one especially if you are younger than the advertisements. The art work is really astounding and these ads are valuable as the days pass by. If you really love the nostalgic look and you are craving for the colorful illustrated art work, then the right choice is the vintage retro advertisements. Sign up to get fresh stuff in your email monthly.

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Learn More About Newsletter. Read our Privacy Statement.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by loomisOct 19, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: akron ohio. I'd be most interested in information about the most popular, most easily obtainable, and affordable L7XX and L8XX three-way speaker series. Is this accurate? Thanks, Loomis. Location: Sioux Falls, SD. Location: New Joisey Now.

I have a pair of 's that I bought in ' I used them for over 12 years as my main speakers and liked them - they have a nice mid-range.

Tell me about vintage A/D/S speakers

I now have them set up as rears. My new Von Schweikert speakers at several times the price absolutely smoke them, as do many new speakers I hear. I think speaker technology have passed these babies by. KayakerOct 20, Sneaky Pete likes this. The only issue with them in that time was the need to re-woofer it when the surrounds went. Performance-wise I, too, think they have a wonderful midrange and very impressive bass for their size, though like a lot of sealed box speakers they do need some amp power in spite of their fairly efficient rating.

Compared to modern speakers they are not nearly as transparent, and the cabinet design, with its raised lip around the edge, means that their appeal does not rest on their imaging capabilities.

Still, a very musical speaker, and one that harkens back to the best type of '70s-'80s sound. John K. Location: NY. Rather than locating replacement drivers, I just decided to part them out on eBay. Location: Pleasantville, NY. I have a pair of L's I bought inthey still work great but I do not use them anymore.

I have the original boxes, I have no idea what they are worth and shipping would be noticeable, but if you are interested PM me. Tony PlachyOct 20, Location: In and around the lake. I personally would live to own a mint pair of ads Ls.

Vintage Ads From The Past That We Don't See Today

They were a sealed 10 inch 3-way design with a rubber woofer surround no foam rot! The bass was accurate, non-boomy, the mids and highs were detailed yet non-fatiguing. Location: Houston, Texas. And the cabinets were built so solidly! Don't let their low effeciency deter you from grabbing a pair.

best vintage ads

TaurusOct 20, Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Advertising is a powerful force that had shaped our attitudes and behavior since the early 19th-century when it got into newspapers, and the early s when it got into television.

With great power comes great responsibility, but try telling that to someone working in the advertising field in the early 20th century. Besides being sexist ads, they were also full of lies promoting unhealthy habits.

Interesting fact — the first vintage ad to use a sexual sell was created by a woman for soap as early as Whether we like it or not, it is a piece of history worth seeing for everyone. Enjoy these offensive vintage ads and banned commercials and do take them lightheartedly. You sit there, eyes glued to the writhing, arcade-quality graphics, pulling and squeezing your knob…. Like what you're reading?

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best vintage ads

Follow us on Flipboard. I may look like a cat, but deep down I'm a panda. Sometimes I'm lazy, sometimes I'm bored - I'm just like you, but a bit cooler. Guys, can anyone help me, please? Where can i buy posters like these?

best vintage ads

My boyfriend is a huge fan of them but his collection burnt a couple of years ago in a fire : i would love to help him start a new collection of such posters from the USA. Can anyone tell me, please, where i can order these? Thank you for any information :. Ahh, the good ol' days! When people didn't take offence at the slightest thing. A wolf whistle was a compliment, not sexual harassment! I'm not into PC in any way, it curbs freedom of speech which is vital in a free country, but some of them are a bit dodgy, the baby shaving for instance!

But then, racism only works one way! That's why there's a Feminist movement and Civil Rights movements. Those ads reflect the way people were and in many ways are still treated. But you want to play the "people being offended" game to keep things the way they are.

Oh, I'm sure they took offense. The problem was that they were women or black I wonder how they would have reacted had ads for say This is the BEST compensation". I think maybe as compensation to those affected minorities, current manufacturing companies should start creating ads now targeting and belittling WHITE men and see how they feel about that. If any body reminiscences about days like these, just no they are sexist and racist.

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